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The relentless, decades-long rise in the cost of health care has left many Singaporeans struggling to pay their medical bills. Additionally, adverse side effects resulted from medication and surgical intervention has obviously compounded the patient’s physical and mental torture. It is thus natural to seek alternative medical treatments to combat both the rising medical costs and side effects in the most ‘natural’ ways.
“Family Wellness Card” was a careful and unique creation, backed by World of TCM Medicare’s years of experience in treating chronic patients. It caters to the very needs of busy urban dwellers by nurturing preventive medical measures towards healthier lifestyle, with family and friends.
“Family Wellness Card” combines TCM’s (Traditional Chinese Medicine) FIVE major pillars of treatments such as acupuncture, tuina (TCM Meridian Massage), cupping, scrapping and medicated footbath. Together, they serve as an important enabler for medicine-free heathy lifestyle. It is ideal for all ‘sub-healthy’ urban dwellers and one with minor ailments.
As its name suggests, “Family Wellness Card” is meant for all family members of different health stages or body conditions. To a great extend, it also personalises medial services to each and every individual in that customised treatment methods could be drawn up from the five major treatment pillars. It is definitely an important service that is needed by all households.
For a family heathier lifestyle, all it takes is just to obtain a “Family Wellness Card”.
For Adults: ageing will inevitably bring upon many medical ailments or illnesses, such as backaching, insomia, constipation, decline in health level and memory etc. It is always encouraged to treat ones’ illness at its early stage to achieve optimum medical results, as such, with TCM’s unique treatment methods such as acupuncture, tuina (TCM Meridian Massage), cupping, scrapping and medicated footbath (single or combine use), would bring about better blood circulation, attenuating pains and improve on sleeping quality etc. It is time to show your gratitude to the ageing parents to at least help them in reducing the number of visit to hospital with good and effective preventive medical measures.
For Working Class and Students: this group of people are experiencing tremendous pressures, both physically and mentally, to coup with their works. Without proper relaxing methods or exercises, such body condition will find itself towards illness and declining in productivity in every aspect. This should be taken as a siren to health and all should be alarmed of. Early intervention in a natural way is best to avoid or prevent more serious illness in the later stage of life. If you cannot even manage your own health, do you think you are in position to extend your love to your family by nurturing theirs.
Core Value of World of TCM Medicare
In World of TCM Medicare, it is our doctrine to help every individual to minimise aliments and pains. It is also our belief that a health person will be the better to person to both achieve his personal goals and take better care of people around him. The axiom is: To avoid and/or prevent illness is the way towards healthier lifestyle and the key is to get all measurements done in the early stage of life and illness itself.
Remember, Your healthy lifestyle starts now, from here!

Still considering? It will be justifiable for you to purchase the well acclaimed “Family Wellness Card” now as it comes with a Free voucher worth S$35 (non-exchangeable for cash) which allows you to either opt for a “Single Blood Droplet” or “TCM Meridian” health check. Both are state of the act scientific medical equipment, which enable a glimpse to your current health stage. Limited offer only!

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