Welcome to World of TCM Medicare

World of TCM Medicare Pte Ltd is one of the leading TCM medical service providers in Singapore.

It is 100% privately owned by a Singapore company established by a team of energetic and experience professionals, with multiple disciplines.

In the company, we specialize in TCM services that include Liver Disease, Oncology, Cardiovascular, Elderly Disease, Gynaecology, Andrology, & Pediatric & Urology.

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News & Events

Seminar on Nephropathy Awareness

08 April 2016

Seminar on Nephropathy Awareness


Seminar on Cancer Awareness

01 April 2016

Seminar on Cancer Awareness


Changi Simei Wellness Day 2015

12 December 2015

Health Talk



Family Wellness Card

The relentless, decades-long rise in the cost of health care has left many Singaporeans struggling to pay their medical bills. Additionally, adverse side effects resulted from medication and surgical ...